Management & Organization

The company in its current form was founded in 1991 and actually came from the conversion of the private company « MATEL OE» which was founded in 1984 by Matthew brothers. The administration practiced primarily by Mr. Matthew Gregory , Chairman of the Board and Mr. George Matthew, Managing Director, who are the main shareholder, holding 95% of the share capital.

Quality Excellence

Quality excellence is the basic idea behind our business success. Our daily objective is to satisfy our customers whom we are consider as associates.
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OEM Products Let us assist you to have your own product

We have a passionate commitment to our work and to helping our customers achieve compelling results. We combine industry knowledge and technical expertise and use a methodical and responsive approach to support our customer throughout their project from assessment and design to implementation and evaluation.
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Why work with us

Threre are several important resons to work with us.
Project aproach
We always try to meet our customer's requirements. We approach every project individually and our goal is to accomplish the best outcome with the best effectiveness
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Technical support

High-skilled technicians can provide responsive and accurate technical services to our customers.All of them hold degrees from universities in Greece and abroad with many years experience in the electronics industry and especially in telecommunication products.
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